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Alcobaça's Luffa

Alcobaça's Luffa

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Luffa is a vegetable from the “ Cucurbitaceae ” family, the same as cucumber and courgette.

It is a climbing plant, whose fruit inside is quite fibrous and which, after drying and removing the seeds and bark, turns into a “sponge”.

The luffa “sponge” can be used in the kitchen to replace the dish sponge , in the bath as a skin exfoliation sponge or as a sponge for cleaning the house .

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Alcobaça luffa is produced by a family passionate about agriculture and environmental preservation. We personally went to see the production site and brought “our” luffas, since we live about 6km from the place. We were very happy to support a family of our neighboring producers and a national product.


It is great for washing dishes and surfaces (does not scratch), as well as for use in the shower (exfoliation).

After soaking, the volume of the luffa fiber increases, becoming soft and resistant.



Wash after use (periodically it can be machine washed at 60º or in boiling water)
let it dry completely
Keep in a dry place